3 steps to start your personal brand

If you are here I’m sure that you’ve heard about personal branding and you can think about someone with his personal branding already created and well positioned.

Creating a personal brand is a long term job that requires patience, perseverance and passion. As it takes a lot of time and the results are not seen instantly. Which is why not everyone is able to create their own brand and maintain it over the years.

However, you, who are still reading this, are surely a person who has everything you need to dedicate to your personal brand and stand out in the online professional world.

In today’s post I’ll explain to you the first 3 steps you should take and think about before you create your own brand.

Are you ready?👇

Which is your professional goal?

The first step, I would dare to say, is the most important of all, as it is to define what you really want to have a personal brand for.

Knowing this will make it easier for you to establish the next steps you need to take and will also serve as a source of motivation when you need it.

You may want to have a personal brand because you have seen that many people have it and you think that you need yours, but think what would you really do with it? Would you dedicate time to it every day?

Or maybe you want to stand out in your sector, get new job opportunities, start your own business or maybe a mix of several of these reasons.

Whatever yours is, be very clear about it and write it down in a notebook.

To make it more visual you can draw a roadmap where you put the final goal and all the little steps you have to follow to get there.

Let’s go for step number two.

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Which channels do you want to be on?

Yes, you have to choose, you can’t be everywhere unless you want to devote yourself full-time to developing your brand, in which case the more noise you make online the better.

However, if you want to complement your career with a brand, it’s better to choose two or three social networks where you can be constantly present.

I would even tell you that if you stop being constant in those 2 or 3 networks you have chosen and they are too much, focus only on 1 and when you think it’s necessary, increase the number of networks.

In the end this will also depend on your final objective. 

A person who wants to stand out in their sector may be satisfied with a blog and LinkedIn.

However, someone who wants to start their own business should be present in more social networks.

Where I recommend you to be undoubtedly (either from the beginning or when you already have a small community) is to have your own website, and that this is optimized for the objective you are looking for.

An easy way to do this is through identid.me where you can create specialized pages for personal brands and online portfolios.

Which 3 keywords define you?

Last but not least, you should choose the 3 words that best define you.

Maybe they are: analytical, fun and computer science.

Or maybe: marketing, communication and creativity.

These 3 words will be what will make you different from the others. No matter how much you think that someone else will surely have these same words, in the end each person has his or her own personality and way of seeing the world.

Everybody is unique.

Why is it so important to choose 3 words?

Because in the end you have to get these to be the words that come to mind for anyone who knows your name, that’s why all the actions you do online must convey this definition in one way or another.

The more realistic you make it the better, there’s no point in pretending, in fact it will cost you more to create content that is aimed at transmitting something you are not.

If you have doubts you can always ask the people around you to define you with 3 words.

Although they will surely think about your personality, you can use one or two words related to your personality that have been repeated more, and the remaining words that are related to your professional specialization.

This is only the beginning of your career

Don’t think that any of this is changeless, on the contrary, it will change as you become more comfortable with your brand and get to know yourself better, however you mustn’t ignore answering these questions because it will make your journey much easier.

As I say in the title of this block, this is just the beginning, but if you have these three points in mind you can reach your goal in less time, that’s for sure.

Personal branding needs time and dedication every day but in the end, you will see how it is worth it.

Have you already started your personal brand? When do you plan to do it?

Let me know!👇

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