4 Tips to stand out in your sector

I’m not going to lie to you, standing out in a sector full of professionals who really work hard is a difficult task, but not impossible. 

The best way to do it?

You may already have it figured out, but with your own personal brand.

A personal brand, or online identity, is how other people see you according to what you show to them.

And it is a factor that will differentiate you from the competition, it will make clients and companies come to you directly instead of you coming to them, and you can even charge higher prices for your services.

All this is because, in the end, personal brands are like commercial brands. Or does a no-brand item cost the same as one from a well-positioned brand such as Chanel or Apple?

Of course it doesn’t.

Now, if you are present on LinkedIn you will have noticed that there is a tendency to create personal brands and share content almost daily. 

So it’s not enough to just create your brand, you have to do it in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

There are several key steps to successful branding, but in this post, I’m going to share with you 4 tips that will make it easier for you to get a good positioning in your industry

Come on, let’s discover them. 👇

Know your target audience

This is the basis of everything, and to start creating your own personal brand, it is very important to know who reads you and who you want to read you.

Perhaps the company of your dreams? Or customers who belong to a specific segment?

If you know the needs, problems, interests, and pain points of your ideal client, you will be able to create content that adds value, that interests them.

And not only that, but you will also know the best way to communicate, what vocabulary to use, what channel, and more.

📍What is the most important thing to know about your ideal client?

online portfolio

Mainly their demographic data (age, where they live, what they do…) and their tastes and interests and also their behavior on the internet: which networks they visit, where they share and consume more content, what they like to research…

As you can see, the information you can analyze is almost infinite, you can make use of tools such as creating a buyer persona and make this data collection easy.

If you are looking for a job and you think that this is only for entrepreneurs or companies, you are wrong. This is also important for you.
You just have to think about your ideal company and how you can access it, what kind of people are they looking for, how are the members of their staff, what do they have in common and, all the information you can get.

The more information, the better you can tailor your personal brand, your professional online identity.

Analyze the competitors

Well, if the previous step was important, this one is ESSENTIAL.

Not only do companies need to know their competitors and keep track of everything they do, but personal brands also compete to be well-positioned and to have a good reputation.

Spend some time analyzing your competitors, those professionals in your sector who have a good personal brand already created and positioned, and ask yourself:

What do they share? How do they act? What do they communicate? How did they get there?

Your competitors are all those people who could have access to the same job or the same client that you want to get.

Professionals in your sector who have similar skills to yours. The more you get to know them and see how they move online, the more information you will have to know how to differentiate yourself from all of them.

Be yourself

Once you have analyzed your competitors and have all the information you need, you can see how to do what they do but in your own way.

If you know, for example, which of their publications have gone viral, you can make the same ones but with your own style, your own language, and your own essence.

Let your uniqueness shine.

And not only that, but you also have to carry out actions that are different from theirs, create content that they haven’t created, or try to turn it around.

No one is the same as you, communicates like you, has the same interests and knowledge as you, the same sense of humor.

Take some time to analyze yourself (well, this will probably take you more than a while) and see what you are like, what makes you different. You can help yourself by asking people close to you who know you well.

You need to be able to define yourself in 3 words, once you know what you are like and what your competitors are like, it’s time to get down to work and create unique content.

Have your own personalized channel

A personalized channel?

Exactly, through social networks like LinkedIn, you can share whatever you want, but in the end, the information that is always present is what you write on your profile.

And if you want to have different information or highlight something, how do you do it?

By creating your own website.

With your own website, you will not only be able to put the information you are most interested in, but you will also transmit more professionalism and add value to your brand.

On top of that, you can create a funnel to achieve the action you want the users who visit your website to take: do you want them to go to your YouTube channel, book an appointment with you, listen to your podcast, etc.?

Whatever it is, with your own website you can make them go there.

On identid.me for example you can create your own online portfolio where you can show what you are capable of, your professional career, your online CV.

Stand out in your sector

You have already seen how important it is to have your own brand and to be present on social networks.

No matter how good a professional you are, if you don’t shout it out to the world, no one will know about it.

Nowadays it is within everyone’s reach to have a personal brand but within the reach of a few to have a UNIQUE personal brand.

I would like to challenge you to analyze your competitors, choose 10 similar aspects in all of them (type of content they upload to networks, way of communicating, a viral post…) and make them yours, create them in your own way and share them on social networks.

Keep doing this and you will see the result of being authentic.

If you want to know the first steps you need to create your personal brand, you might be interested in this post where I show you all of them.

Have you started building your personal brand yet?

Let me know!👇

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