What no one tells you about building a successful personal brand

A few weeks ago I showed you in another post what were the first 3 essential steps to create your personal brand and today I want to tell you what you need for your brand to be successful.  

Many factors influence the success of a personal brand, today I will tell you 3 that I consider quite important.

Although in the future I will show you others so that you can implement them in your brand little by little.👇

Who are you targeting?

The first is to take into account your target audience, who you are addressing, who you would like to work for, who you would like to help.

Defining who your target audience is closely linked to the objectives you have set before because it will be a way to reach them.

It will also help you to generate the right content for those people.

Describe very well who the person you are targeting is, give them a name, age, hobbies, even think about what they do in their daily life, you will see how this will help you to know very well the content they are interested in.

Once you have identified an ideal client, also research their interests and needs, this way you can offer them a lot of value (through content, free resources, online classes…), which is the second point.

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Value, value, and more value

The best way to stand out and build loyalty is to generate value, no matter if you are looking for a good position among experts in your sector, to stand out when you are looking for a job, or for clients to reach you through the internet. 

Find out how you can help and what you can offer and show it, this way your network will perceive you as a reliable professional and you will be more valued. 

But help genuinely and don’t just talk about yourself.

Any tricks to be more relevant online?

Be consistent in publishing content

Interact with your network

Offer content in a different way that truly represents you.

Networking is key, take care of it

The third and last point I’m going to talk about today you might not expect, and it’s about increasing your network, about networking.

I’m sure you’ve heard many times that “we are the result of the 5 people with whom we relate the most” and it’s really true. 

That’s why you should try to widen your circle and make sure those relationships are of quality. Try to connect with people in your sector who will help you grow and gain visibility. 

This is undoubtedly a key point of professional success and thanks to the internet and networks like LinkedIn it is easier than ever to connect with those professionals that we see so far away from us.

Take paper and pencil and think about these three points I have told you, let your creativity fly! 🎨

Let me know!👇

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