How to write irresistible titles for your website

It’s not easy to get people to stay on your website, let alone reading the whole site.

To achieve this, you have to be clear about certain key points and apply them to the first lines of your website to hook everyone who enters.

Do you want to know these key points? 👇

Know your offer and your ideal client

First of all, I have to remind you of the importance of knowing your offer and your target audience.

The reader of your website will be the person you can help with what you know or with what you sell and you have to know their tastes, needs, and characteristics.

What kind of person is he/she, what does he/she want, what problem does he/she have that you can solve?

For example, people who have a personal brand and want to stand out in their sector, but don’t really know how to do it.

You have to write for your reader, not for you, so the more you know about them, the more you can adapt your website to them:

Write in their language, are they serious or fun, are they an expert in what you offer, or do they only know the basics? You can’t talk to a person who knows the basics but is serious with jokes and too complex words because they won’t feel reflected and will leave your website.

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Focus on your ideal customer and forget about the rest.

Once you have this clear, the most important thing is to have a good title on your website that attracts attention because it will determine whether they will read the rest of the page or not.

Be specific

Get to the point, be specific, don’t go off the deep end, and fill your website with words that you write because you think they look good and say what you really offer.

Are you offering quality designs for a company’s brand? No! What you are offering is a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. 

Look beyond what your offer is, and think about how you can really help that company or those professionals, what benefit they will have behind your offer.

When you start using boot words, empty words that don’t really mean anything, what you provoke in the reader is that they see you as just another website.

Think about the wants and needs of your audience and sell your services as intangibles that provide benefits (experiences, feelings, lifestyle…). 

Another example is that if you are a nutritionist, you are not selling that you make a menu for them to eat healthier. You offer them a way to feel more energetic in their day-to-day life.

In this case, the title could be something like “Feel more energetic”. But be careful and don’t sell smoke, think about the real benefit of what you are offering, you can’t promise that with your nutritionist advice a sports person will get stronger in less time because it doesn’t depend only on you but on the exercise routine they do every day.

This is related to the next point.

Be realistic

It is very easy to get carried away and start writing promises that we can’t keep. Be realistic with the benefits you offer to others, you have to meet the expectations of whoever reads you.

In fact, it is better to lower your expectations a little and then offer even more value than the other way around.

Because firstly, you will get more satisfaction from the other party and build loyalty, and secondly, you will tarnish the image of your personal brand. 

The shorter the better

Do you remember the example I gave you above? It was “Feel more energetic”. 

How many words are there? Three.

And it’s no coincidence, the shorter you make the title the better. It turns out that the number 3 is a magic number, it’s a fact that people retain information in our brains in packs of 3, we remember 3 brands of a type of product, 3-word slogans…

That’s why the ideal is that your title is made up of 6 words maximum because we read the first 3 and the last 3, or at least 3.

Or 3 or 6, you choose. But no more than that because nobody has time to read more, and as soon as we enter a website with too much text we go back to where we came from.

So you know: short, specific, concrete, and realistic.

The first description of your website

All of the above must be applied not only to the title, but also to that small description that we put under the title of any website.

In this case, it can be longer than 3 words because it is not what should catch your attention and what you should remember, unlike the title.

The purpose of this description is to support that title and show a bit of what you can find on the website. It is like an intermediate point to make a transition from the title to the first button of the website.

It is another way to keep attracting attention and creating the curiosity that we have started to create with the title, so it has to be coherent with it.

Besides, these first lines have to show the benefit of what you offer and you have to make the readers of your website feel identified with your words.

Use formulas

Some formulas will help you to create this curiosity and attract attention that you can apply in the first lines of your website. In this case, I will focus on explaining 2 of them:

AIDA Formula

This formula is one of the most used in the field of marketing and copywriting, because of the good results it gives to attract attention. 

The name AIDA is the acronym of the different steps it has:

A: attention. 

Draw attention to the title of your website, you can use a promise or a question, as we have seen before, related to the benefit you give.

I: interest.

Create interest in the description below the title, tell them how you can solve their problem.

D: desire

You should also put the wish in the description. Specify a little more about the benefits of the promise you have made in the title.

A: action

The action you probably already know where it goes, don’t you? In the button just below the description, the CTA.

4U formula

This formula is not used as much to attract attention as the AIDA formula, but it is used to call your reader to action.

It is made up of 4U as the name says:





With these 4 characteristics, we must write the first lines of the web. They must offer a unique value and offer, be very specific with our words (remember, less is more), also give useful information, which is of interest to our reader, and finally, that indicates urgency.

How can we do this last point? With phrases like “This is your chance” “Don’t wait any longer” “The clock is ticking”, although the more you let your imagination run wild and make these urgent phrases more unique the better.

Now you know how to write irresistible titles

This is a very important issue to take into account because it is useless to offer very good services or to have an incredible portfolio if nobody stays to read your entire website.

The first lines of your website are the most important thing of all, the first thing that is seen and attracts attention, your letter of introduction. 

That’s why you must be able to convey the benefits of your offer. Capture attention.

Do you already use this tips or have you tried them?

Let me know!👇

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